The residency is intended for individual professional artists of all disciplines and all nationalities. During the residencies artists get the opportunity to deepen their artistic practice, explore different themes and develop new ideas and works.

Age 25 and older
Can communicate in English
Attend meetings, engages in art workshops and interacts with the community

If the applicant is a working group, the members or the group must select one of the members as the project leader to complete the application in his/her own name, and mention all the members name in the working group. 

The residency period is minimum 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks.
OUR AIR is open 4 times a year. Each season offers special opportunities. 

Period 1 Winter: January or February
Period 2 Early Spring: March or April
Period 3 Summer: June or July
Period 4 Autum: September or October

3 artists are selected for each period.

– Artist must pay all traveling expenses
– 70 euro per week that covers basic costs such as electricity, water etc. (140 euro / week for artists from Finland)
– Artist should bring own special equipment incl. computer and camera
– Artist must buy the materials they need themselves, but we can help with finding affordable solutions. There is an storage room of free artist supplies from previous artists – with things like paper, ink, tape and paint.
– Artists are responsible for all other personal expenses during the residency, such as travel insurance, food, local transport, etc.

Prior to your stay, we will ask for 300 euro deposit. It’s not a payment, we just hold the amount until the end of the residency period. This is a minimal payment in case guests break something while they are staying in the property. It’s a guarantee that there’s a parity between the guest and the property to make sure the use of amenities are within order.

– Private bedrooms with shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms
– Finnish Sauna
– Laundry Area / Washing machine
– Wifi
– Bicycles
– A possibility to rent a car (at a low price)
– A support letter to any accepted artist who is applying for a grant

We recommend artists to bring comfortable shoes for walking in nature!

We request more details about the applicant’s working methods to ensure that we are able to assign workspaces according to the users’ needs.

PLEASE NOTE! Workspaces are limited and it is divided according to priority needs. We will do our best to accommodate special needs you may have. 

The applicant should provide a short description of main content of the project during residency period, methods of implementing work and timetable. This is very important for the evaluation of the application. 

The resident can conclude her/his stay at the artist residency with a presentation, such as a talk, performance or a site-specific exhibition, of the project realized during her/his stay. 


The residency is between Jakobstad and Nykarleby (Pietarsaari and Uusikaarlepyy in Finnish). Both towns have a plethora of cultural and social events throughout the year. 


We have no deadlines. We make the decision latest 6 months before the residency starts.